Dying Laughing

'Dying Laughing' Trailer: Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart and Amy Schumer on the Highs and Lows of Stand-Up Comedy

by Michael Nordine, INDIEWIRE

The connection between stand-up comedy and sadness has long been apparent, and what we see of these performers onstage is almost never the full story. For a more lighthearted examination of this than, say, the documentary “Misery Loves Comedy,” consider the trailer for “Dying Laughing” — a nonfiction look at the failures that preceded the successes of Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Jerry Lewis and more.

“Comedy is purely a result of your ability to withstand self-torture,” says Seinfeld as it opens. Lewis, meanwhile, points out that audiences can always tell the difference between a rehearsed joke and something spontaneous that “comes from the heart.” None of them are exempt from bad nights and hecklers, of course, and Kevin Hart — by many metrics the most successful comic in the world at the moment — recounts being told to his face that he had no potential as a stand-up comedian.

Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Jamie Foxx and Garry Shandling (RIP) also appear in the documentary, which is due in theaters and on demand courtesy of Gravitas Ventures on February 24.


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