Dying Laughing


Featuring Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, Bob Saget, Jamie Foxx, Sarah Silverman, Jerry Lewis, Steve Coogan, Bobby Lee, & the late Garry Shandling, DYING LAUGHING is a candid look inside the agony and ecstasy of making people laugh for a living. A stand-up comedian must be the writer, the director, and the star performer. There is no rehearsal, no practice, and no safety net when you’re in front of a live audience. For most people, baring their soul on stage and having an audience “boo” at you would become a life-long trauma, but for stand-up comedians, it’s a nightly challenge.

The funny and heartfelt documentary contains original interviews interlaced with personal footage of life on the road – all from a comedian's point of view. Once you take this step behind the curtain, you will never look at these funny folks the same way again.



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4045 film develops and produces film and television projects for Lloyd Stanton & Paul Toogood. Recent credits include the feature film ‘Dying Laughing’ starring Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Coogan, Amy Schumer, Jamie Foxx, Garry Shandling and many, many more. They are currently in pre-production on a 10 part television series of ‘Dying Laughing’ and a dramatic black-comedy feature called ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Moon’ starring Joe Thomas and Joanne Whalley. In development is a new documentary feature and two original comedy-drama scripts.

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